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Do pore strips really work

Do Pore Strips Really Work?

Do pore strips really work to remove blackheads and clogged pores? Or are they too good to be true? There’s nothing better than the promise of a quick-fix to blemish-free skin. Pore strips, the reverse Band-Aid swipe to blackhead removal have been popular items for some time.
Benefits of Water for Skin

Benefits of Water for Skin: Can Drinking Enough Really Make You Look Younger?

You may have seen those viral images: the close-up pictures of scrubbed clean faces under bright lights separated by just a few weeks or so, maybe a month. The only difference? The subject drank a boatload of water in that time and seems to look different, if not “better” in the more recent photo. Can drinking enough water really make you look younger? Are there really benefits of drinking water for the skin? How important is water in natural skin care?
how to treat sunburn

How to Treat Sunburn Naturally (and on the Cheap!)

Does it seem like every time it happens you have to learn how to treat sunburn all over again? If you grab the store-bought organic skincare products to treat sunburn, it’s no wonder you’re confused. You may forget which product you used the last time you needed it—because we sure hope getting sunburned is not a regular occurrence.
Glowing Skin

5 Easy and Totally Natural Tips for Glowing Skin

What’s better than healthy skin? How about luminescent-just-fell-from-the-stars looking skin? Okay. Maybe that’s a stretch, but with our tips for natural skin care, you may find yourself feeling like you descended from the stars, if not the heavens above.
Home Remedies for Acne

7 Effective Home Remedies for Acne

Looking for home remedies for acne that actually work is almost as harrowing as figuring out how those pimples got on your face in the first place. But it’s not impossible. In fact, taking a DIY approach can be most effective.
Oily Skin

7 Natural Tips for Oily Skin Problems

The key to any successful, natural skin care regimen is to be working with undamaged skin, and this means proper sun protection. Damaged skin can overproduce oil in an effort to speed the healing process. Use an appropriate sunscreen for your activity, wear hats, sunglasses, and avoid direct sun exposure when it’s not necessary.
5 Ways to Reverse Dry Skin Naturally

5 Ways to Reverse Dry Skin Naturally

No matter what the season, it can seem like dry skin always finds a way to your face and hands. Flaking, cracking, redness, and itchiness are hallmarks of dry skin, but there are lots of other symptoms to be on the look out for that you may not be aware of including tightness, rough feeling or looking skin, fine lines or deep cracks, greyness or ashy tones (particularly noticeable on dark skin).
Can You Really Shrink Your Pores? What You Need to Know

Can You Really Shrink Your Pores? What You Need to Know

Work with exfoliating organic skin care products like fruit acids instead of scrubs, which can irritate the skin and make pores appear even larger. A good fruit acid-based toner or moisturizing serum used regularly can help to keep pores clean and blemish free.
Wash Your Face

How to Wash Your Face (the Wrong Way and the Right Way)

Daily skin cleansing is commonplace. Most of us do it without a thought—we wash our face in the shower (morning or evening) and probably do a quick face wash in the sink at the other end of the day. Well, when it comes to how to wash your face, it’s not as simple as you’d think (or hope) it should be.
Stress and Aging

Stress and Aging: Is Your Skin Paying the Price? (Plus What to Do About It)

Do you have a rigorous skincare regimen? Maybe you invest in high-quality products like cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and eye creams. And all of those are helpful—clean and hydrated skin is healthy skin, after all. But what about stress and aging skin? If you’re not managing your stress levels, you may be in need of organic skincare products.
Facial Toners

Are Facial Toners Essential to Your Skin Care Routine?

They’re certainly refreshing and fragrant, but are facial toners really a necessary component for skin health? Skin toners are typically used after skin washing and before moisturizing. They’re designed to balance the pH of the skin and help deliver antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients to the skin. 
Zatik Glow Moisture Cream

Do Eye Creams Really Reduce Wrinkles?

Crinkly eyes send us flocking for the eye creams–those tiny little jars made of miracles (and our hard-earned money!). But can they really reduce wrinkles? Or are we just buying into skincare gimmicks?