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Can You (and Should You) Get a Tan While Wearing Sunscreen?

While sunscreen, especially the natural kind that reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them, is designed to minimize the damage to your skin, you can still rock a pretty decent tan while being protected from burning, which is where the real damage occurs – not just increasing the aging process, but also the cancer risk.
Moringa Oil

3 Incredible Natural Beauty Benefits of Moringa Oil

This rising interest in moringa, specifically moringa oil, not surprisingly, comes after centuries (if not longer) of use in countries including India, the Philippines, and Indonesia, where it grows abundantly. Moringa also grows in parts of Africa, South America, and even in the U.S.
Jojoba Oil

14 Jojoba Oil Benefits for Every Inch of Your Body

Argan and coconut oils may be all the rage in beauty products these days. There’s no question they’ve got invaluable beauty benefits. But a tried a...
Natural Beauty Products

More than Half of Women Prefer Natural Beauty Products

Do detergents make you gag? Do you get weepy when you see women loading up on petroleum-based skin and hair care (or, gasp, baby care products)? Feel like you’re the only one in the world obsessed with natural beauty products? Well, you’re not—not by a long shot. According to a recent poll, more than half of women over age 35 and 73 percent of millennial women are choosing all-natural beauty products.
Apple Cider Vinegar

Is Apple Cider Vinegar the Best Beauty Product Ever (You Won’t Find in the Beauty Aisle)?

We know how overwhelming those beauty care aisles can be—trust us! It’s how we make a living, after all. And it’s great to know there are so many fantastic truly natural options out there for every type of skin and every type of skin problem. But there’s one very special beauty ingredient you won’t find in the beauty aisle. You’ll have to head on over to the “condiments” section for this one—but it’s worth the trek. You need apple cider vinegar, like stat.

5 Chamomile Beauty Benefits Your Skin Will Love

Chamomile—just the word itself is relaxing. This herbal tea favorite doesn’t just work wonders for your mood and spirit, though—chamomile also boasts numerous benefits for your skin, too.
natural beauty products

Why We’re a Sustainable Business: It’s All About Beauty

As a small, family-owned business, we take our products very seriously—we only create and sell the highest quality and most effective natural beauty products that we painstakingly research. We also take every step to reduce our ecological footprint. We manufacture our products in-house, which means we work closely with our suppliers to source organic and ecologically prudent ingredients.