14 Jojoba Oil Benefits for Every Inch of Your Body

Argan and coconut oils may be all the rage in beauty products these days. There’s no question they’ve got invaluable beauty benefits. But a tried and true champion—jojoba oil—is also well worthy of your attention.

If it sounds familiar, it probably is. Jojoba oil has been a mainstay in both natural and conventional beauty products for decades.

Jojoba (pronounced “ho-ho-buh”) grows all across the Southwestern U.S. and other arid parts of the world. The seed of this shrub contains the magic—the liquid gold-colored oil that does wonders for hair and skin.

Because jojoba is odorless, it’s widely prized in beauty formulations because it won’t overpower with its scent like many other oils. But there are many other reasons to love this oil, too. Rich in vitamins E and many Bs, it’s also loaded with minerals including , copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium.

But what may be most unique about jojoba is how it’s able to behave like your own body’s natural oils. This helps to keep the skin from becoming too oily or greasy.

Jojoba is a light and quickly absorbed oil that’s great for the skin. Plus, it’s often less expensive than trendy oils like argan prickly pear.

Want to include jojoba in your beauty care routine? Look for natural products that contain jojoba, or use it on its own in some of these capacities:

Jojoba Benefits for Face, Hair, and Body

  1. Facial cleanser – Use as you would any oil cleanser. Rinse off with cool water and pat to dry.
  2. Facial moisturizer – Lightly apply a layer of jojoba after cleansing and toning.
  3. Makeup remover – Soak a cotton swab or makeup removing pad with jojoba and watch the makeup slide off.
  4. Acne prevention – Moisturizing with jojoba may help prevent outbreaks.
  5. Wrinkle prevention – Likewise, this safe oil is perfect for delicate areas prone to wrinkles.
  6. Reduce appearance of scars – Gently massage into scars and rub until absorbed.
  7. Shaving oil – You’ve gotta try it to believe it!
  8. Cuticle treatment – Gently massage into nail beds for healthier looking cuticles.
  9. Foot treatment – Rub into cracked heals, peeling skin, and toes.
  10. Sunburn relief – Apply gently and often for relief from sunburn.
  11. Moisturizing conditioner – Lock in hydration with jojoba oil. It’ brings shine and softness. Use after conditioning or in place of your conditioner.
  12. Detangler – Apply a few drops (more for longer hair) to damp hair and comb and style as usual.
  13. Dandruff relief – Bring moisture to the scalp and relieve dryness by rubbing jojoba into the scalp before washing.
  14. Speed hair growth – Use jojoba to unclog hair follicles and protect the scalp, encouraging healthy hair growth.

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