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For Zatik, ‘responsibility’ isn’t a four-letter word

Zatik Naturals was founded on the principles of fairness, sustainability, and health. While we’ve been supporting small entrepreneurs around the globe with our sustainable business practices for years, that’s not enough.

Zatik wanted, and needed, to do more. We believe businesses have an obligation to make the world a better place. Business is the bedrock of our communities, and it’s through strong, responsible business that our society thrives.

We’re here to set an example. That’s why Zatik is excited to partner with The Fruits of Love Mission to plant seeds of love throughout the world.

The Fruits of Love Mission

The Fruits of Love Mission is a nonprofit organization that empowers struggling communities. Founded by Dr. Naira Martirosyan, this organization is taking its mission to end poverty to a global stage.

The Fruits of Love Mission provides support, education, and financial resources to poverty-stricken communities, both in rural and urban settings. They provide support to the most vulnerable population of all: children. The Fruits of Love Mission reaches the powerless and lifts up the fallen.

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Want to learn more about The Fruits of Love Mission? Check out their website to consider volunteering or donating.

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