Oil Wells Us

Oil Wells Us 

Essential oils open a natural pharmacy to anyone choosing to undercover their vast value. Evidence proves these ultra-concentrated, aromatic elixirs were used by the Egyptians to soften the skin, though priests were the only authorities allowed to use the ‘magical” oils, regarded as essential to ‘be at one with the Gods.’ The Greeks had their soldiers bring ointment of Myrrh into battle to counter infections, as well. Our skin naturally produces oils (lipids/fatty acids) that prevent water loss and encourage elasticity in the vulnerable top layers of the epidermis. Adding in (waxless) face oils helps with an extra level of protection, improving the skin’s ability to hydrate and emit a youthful, dewy look. Skin regenerates during sleep, so oils, which naturally take longer to absorb, are a perfect choice for overnight healing and exfoliation. The vitamins and minerals your skin craves are all found in extra virgin olive oil (the central ingredient in Zatik Natural soaps), and the beauty trick of one of the world’s most beautiful women, Sofia Loren, who told the Sunday Times that her way of defying the aging process was "…the odd bath in virgin olive oil.” Zatik Products use a wide variety of botanical oils in every small process batch they hand make: pink grapefruit, peppermint, cinnamon (used in Indian healing for 3,000 years), bergamot, sweet orange, coconut, sweet basil, palm, tea tree, birch, ginger, and black seed, from the Pepper family of oils. The vegan, alcohol-free products also employ oils of gardenia, rosemary, grape seed, argan and lavender. (French chemist René Gattefossé discovered the healing properties of lavender oil after burning his hand and immersing it in a tray full of the fragrant flower oil. His hand healed without infection or scarring.) While the Essential Oil market in America will surpass $27 billion by 2022, a personal investment in rich, natural skin emollients confirm the adage, “when you’re healthy, you’re wealthy.”


ByL Erika Somerfeld for Zatik Naturals September 18, 2020

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